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Include healthy foods in your diet to keep your teeth bright and strong. Although many foods are just another obstacle that stands in the way of optimum oral health, did you know that there are some foods that have been verified to actually enhance your oral health? Listed below are some helpful foods and tips for your oral health with the amazing benefits they can offer to your smile:

– Acidic foods can cause your teeth added cause for concern, as they can increase tooth sensitivity and cause dental erosion. Acidic foods include tomatoes and citrus fruits.

– Stay away from snacking between meals, as it can lead to poor oral hygiene habits.

– Some of the most beneficial ingredients in your smile include calcium and phosphorus, which are commonly found in foods such as chicken, cheese, and nuts, as well as in drinks such as milk.

– Look for various foods that are crunchy and high in water, which includes pears and apples. These foods are extremely helpful.

– Saliva is a known cavity-fighter that can help neutralize acids. Chewing sugarless gum after meals have been shown to increase the production of saliva.

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