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Do you know when to visit your dentist for a toothache treatment? Although toothaches typically encompass a broad range of symptoms and conditions, toothaches specifically refer to damage to your nerve endings within your teeth. Deep within the pulp of a tooth lies the nerve endings, connective tissue, and blood vessels. Should a tooth be damaged, the pulp may sustain damage as well.

Typically, toothaches may be hard to detect because pain is prevalent all over and may be easily attributed to something else. Toothaches can lead to pain in and around your head, neck, and face area. Furthermore, if you experience any high fevers, chills, or facial rashes that have no other immediate explanation, a toothache may be the cause.

If you were taking medications for pain in and around your mouth, and it fails to go away, a toothache may be to blame. If you spot any noticeable discharge in and around a tooth, including an abscess, it can often be linked to toothaches. In addition, if you have recently suffered from any form of blunt trauma, you may have suffered damage to the inner parts of a tooth including the nerve endings in the pulp that cause toothaches. For additional help with your oral health care to treat toothaches, contact your dentist.

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