Gift Yourself and Your Loved Ones With a Healthier Smile

Your daily brushing and flossing routine is crucial to thwarting dreaded cavities and gum disease from invading your smile, but by itself, it’s still not enough to maintain top-notch oral health. There is a reason we recommend regular dental cleanings and exams! Seeing our dental team for routine dental checkups... Read more »

The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

Do you know the important differences between full and partial dentures? Our team is happy to review both versions for optimal tooth replacement to help you better understand how they can restore your smile. Below we will review the main types of dentures, which are full and partial dentures, and... Read more »

Dental Implant Placement Basics as a Step-by-Step Process

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Enamel-Friendly Foods for Your Teeth

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How Routine Dental Checkups Help Your Smile in the Long Run

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Who Needs Fluoride?

Fluoride is a safe and effective way for you to strengthen your teeth. Fluoride helps fight against cavities by strengthening the outer protective layer of your teeth. With the wide variety of supplements and treatments, who needs fluoride and when should you use them? Our dentist, Dr. Roberto Macedo, is... Read more »

Achieve Your Dream Smile With Dentures

Caring for your smile includes always making sure that all aspects of it are in check. If for any reason you have any lost teeth, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible. A failure to replace any missing teeth can cause a downturn in your oral... Read more »

An Abscess Leading to Tooth Loss May Require a Dental Bridge

If a cavity is left alone without proper treatment, it can cause a constant bacterial presence in your mouth that results in a tooth abscess below the gum line. Symptoms such as an ongoing toothache and pressure in the gums can hint at the presence of dental abscess. Often, an... Read more »

Smile Renovations: Preventing Tooth Decay

As with all forms of tooth decay, it is essential to make sure that you're taking care of your smile by limiting any risks associated with tooth decay. Tooth decay is a serious health disorder in which your tooth enamel is slowly worn down and destroyed. Your tooth enamel is... Read more »

A Dental Crown Might Be Needed to Treat a Chronic Case of Dental Attrition

As you grow older the bone structure of your mouth can gradually start to change. This can sometimes be accelerated by dental health problems or issues with tooth loss. In time these minor alignment changes can cause two teeth to rub together excessively. Early signs of a problem like this... Read more »